Printing Equipment for Sale

I ran a small printing business until we retired in 2004.  I kept the equipment listed below thinking I might want to use it for the occasional job, but haven’t done so, hence it is now being offered for sale.


The equipment is located at our home near Pulborough in West Sussex and the majority of it would have to be collected because of the weight.  In any case, I would prefer a potential buyer to inspect the equipment before deciding to purchase it.


Although I haven’t priced the equipment, it will not be expensive.  If you are interested in any of it, then please contact me and I am sure we can agree on a fair price.  Click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.


12 June 2016

Christopher J Page

Highcroft Farmhouse, Gay Street, Pulborough, West Sussex RH20 2HJ

Tel: 01798 815711


gallery/nashuatec 2
gallery/nashuatec 1
gallery/letterpress books
gallery/adana manuals

Basic Printing

Letterpress for the Begninner

Lindley and Maggs

British Printing Society

Type and Typesetting

for users of

Adana Machines

Print Your own Money

A complete Guide to Hotfoil Printing

by Stephen Shepherd

Promotaprint Publications

Small Letterpress for the Beginner

by Phil Parish



5mm:       box of 95 containing about 90 wires
6mm:       box of 90 containing about 75 wires
8mm:       box of 90 containing about 80 wires
9.5mm:    box of 90 containing about 80 wires
12.5mm:  box of 90 containing about 50 wires
14mm:     box of 90 containing about 45 wires

Rexel WB600 Wiro Binding Machine

gallery/rexel 1

The machine has been stored for some time in its original box but nothing is seized or obviously broken.  Also included are the following boxes of black wires:


Adana HS2

Originally introduced in 1934, this HS 2 is the earlier cast iron version (see photograph below of Adana marking), and continued in production until the mid-1980s.  The machine has been stored for some time, with consequent slight rust on some unprotected parts, so will need a little attention prior to use but nothing is seized or obviously broken.

The HS2 is the little brother of the better known 8 x 5 press, but is larger than the 3 x 5 press, with a chase of 6½ x 4 inches (165 x 100mm) internal measurements.

gallery/adana 5x3
gallery/adana hs2 marking

Nashuatec CP325 Copy Printer

Also labelled as AB Dick 6520, Gestetner CP5325, Rex Rotary CP1250, Ricoh VT2105 and Standard Duplicating VT2105.

The machine is in very good condition for its age and worked fine when I last used it in 2010 (I have now retired as a printer).  It has been stored in our house since then and may, therefore, need some attention to get it fully working again, hence I am not looking for a lot of money for it!  The plate roll has about 50 plates remaining and is supplied with a black drum (fitted), two red drums and one blue, green and brown drum.  It has a partially used carton of ink in each drum and there are also three unused black cartons of ink, two each of unused red and green cartons and one unused blue carton.  Due to it size and weight, collection from our home in West Sussex only.